Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Four Seasons Sugar Sculpture

This happy girl just finished her first ever sugar sculpture! This thing has been my baby for the last few weeks. Everything you see on my sculpture is completely 100% edible. It incorporates poured sugar (the grass base and pond), rock sugar (the rock), pulled isomalt (the tree, branches, swing and icicles) and pas-silage (flowers, leaves, snowflakes, etc.). I designed the sculpture and made all the different types of sugars from scratch.

 This beauty was a huge task and when I first thought of the idea I wondered if it could be done. I thought creating a tree that displayed all four seasons might be too ambitious. But, after hours and hours of working on it, problem solving, fixing mistakes, etc. I am so proud and pleased with the end result. It is as darned near close to what I imagined as possible. And, I'm just glad it's over. :)

My finished sculpture-The Four Seasons Tree

Allowing the base to set-this was made out of poured sugar

The rock is made out of rock sugar and airbrushed with grey edible dust

Pouring the pond- also poured sugar

The tree and roots are made out of pulled sugar. This was tricky to work with because as it cools it becomes brittle and breaks really easily. So, I had to work really quickly while it was hot and malleable.

The spring branch. These flowers are made out of pas-sillage

The summer branch- The leaves are made out of pas-sillage, the swing out of pulled sugar and I dusted the rock with green edible dust to look like moss. 

The fall branch. All the leaves are made out of pas-sillage as well and glued on with royal icing.

The winter side- The icicles are pulled sugar, the snowflakes are made out of pas-sillage and the snow was made from sanding down extra pas-sillage and sifting it onto the tree.

I added a little embellishment with the green grass and leaves on the spring branch all of which was done with green royal icing.

The final product


  1. That's amazing!! What are you going to do with it! Do you ever get sick of sugar? :)

  2. Wow! This is so creative and beautiful. Is it entered into a contest or a show?

  3. Thank you both so much! Dani, Believe it or not sometimes I do get tired of sweets. So, I just pawn them off to others. haha! And, Grandma, it is not entered in any contests. It was just a school project and now they are displaying it in a display case at school.