Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Advanced Cake Decorating Final Project

For my Adv. Cake Decorating final we had to have a fake cake consultation with the instructor, Chef Sharyl. Chef was the pretend client and I had to present her with a consultation form that I created and discuss what she wanted for her cake. She gave me a picture of exactly what she wanted and I had to create it as best as I possibly could. 

I had to hand carve all the layers, cover them all with homemade fondant, stack the layers, make all the flowers, pearls, etc. to decorate it with, make the wire cake topper, etc. It took a lot of hours! haha. But, I matched her picture almost perfectly! I was really happy to have it finished and to please my client. ;)

Rachel with her final project and me with mine. We spent hours working along side each other and almost cussing out our stupid cakes a few times. haha!