Friday, April 4, 2014


Mmmm... macarons! One of the cutest, most fun little pastries and everyone is a sucker for them. Am I right? But, despite how cute and delicious they are people seem to be terrified to make them. To be honest, this was my first time making them. Ever. Yes, they are imperfect and I will definitely try to fix my mistakes next time. But, I kind of like that each one has character. 

The recipe is relatively simple using very few ingredients. However, a lot of technique is involved. For that reason I am not posting the recipe on here just yet. If I get requests for it then I might consider posting a tutorial on here along with the recipe. But, for now... just enjoy these photos and dream about lovely little macarons! Have a beautiful day!

The green ones are mint, the pink ones are vanilla and they are filled with dark chocolate ganache

They should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside making them very chewy and delicious

And, since they are so small you won't feel guilty eating five... or just round up to ten.
This is the face of a very happy recipient just after devouring a few... what a spoiled kid. :)

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  1. Camilla,
    I might be interested in giving it a try. My daughter brings me some when they stay at Little America. Actually the cross the street to the Grand and bring them back as a treat for watching the kids. Anyway I have been tempted, they don't sound to difficult. They even gave me a book for Christmas. Would you send me your recipe. Thanks, Kris Mortenson